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Nutritious food with adequate quantity.
Housing is divided into 11 buildings and one building for patient.
Clothes and necessary facilities.
Medication practice both mentally and physically including admitting to the hospital and providing basic advice on treatment.

The Home provides nurses to give basic treatment. Moreover, the clients receive mental check up by psychiatrist from psychiatric hospital every month as well as medical check up by Department of Social Development and Welfare medical doctor every week.

In case of serious illness, the clients will be transferred to their psychiatric hospitals or to Thanyaburi hospital or general hospital as needed and suitable to their symtoms.

Social workers help the clients in contacting their relatives, encourage their families to cooperate in rehabilitation programme, take the clients to visit their homes and coordinate with psychiatric hospitals.

Various activities have been arranged for the clients in special events in order to help the clients to live happily in the Home.

The Home also provides rehabilitation treatment to the clients by arranging group therapy in order to treat them continuously after receiving treatment from hospital.

These include interaction group therapy, drawing group therapy, recreation group therapy and musical group therapy etc.

The Home provides vocational training courses to the clients e.g. grass flower broom making, door mat making, Batikk handkerchief making, dying cloth, agriculture, welder and etc.

The objectives are to encourage the clients to utilize their time and to enhance their functioning capacity which will in turn facilitate the rehabilitation process.

Treatment problem
Actually, chronic mental illness is incurable. After treatment, the clients will recover and then, suffer from the illness again. These make it difficult to treat them and to help them live their normal life.
Social problem
Due to the differences between the environment inside and outside the Home, the clients recovering from mental illness have difficulty in adjusting themselves to live with their families. They need support from their families and society.
Financial problem
The Home receives annaual budget just enough to provide only basic necessities but the clients also need other services. The Home's budget could not meet with client's need such as dessert, refreshments etc.

130 Moo 2 Rangsit-Nakorn Nayok Road, Rangsit, Thanyaburi, Pathumthani. Tel. 02-5771864 Fax. 02-5772254

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